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STARTTLS Everywhere is a project to make email delivery more secure. It is created and maintained by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

We want safer hops for email. Email goes through multiple computers (or multiple “hops”) to get to its destination, and each hop should be as secure as possible. More specific goals of the project include:

If you have questions about STARTTLS Everywhere, check out the FAQ. If you are an email service provider and are looking to be added to the STARTTLS Everywhere policy list, learn more here.

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Alternative to DANE

Our DNS and mail servers already use DNSSEC and DANE, which is a more scalable solution.

However, operators have been very slow to roll out DNSSEC supprt.

We feel there is value in deploying an intermediate solution that does not rely on DNSSEC. This will improve the email security situation more quickly. It will also provide operational experience with authenticated SMTP over TLS that will make eventual rollout of DANE-based solutions easier.

Adding your Domain

If you followed this guide, your mail server should already be valid member for the StartTLS Everywhere Policy List.

  1. Point you browser to

  2. Fill in you domain, MX servers host names and you postmaster mail address.

  3. You will receive an email with a verification URL. Click on that and you should be done.