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KeePass Cross-Platform Community Edition

The thing computers can do best is storing information.

You shouldn’t waste your time trying to remember and type your passwords. KeePassXC can store your passwords safely and auto-type them into your everyday websites and applications.

KeePassXC is probably the single most important software program and personal database.

It is essentially designed as a safe password storage, but can be used for any piece of information which needs to be kept private. Like …

  • bank account numbers,

  • credit-card information,

  • PIN codes of your various devices and ATM cards,

  • etc.

Every piece of information that needs to stay private should be kept in the KeePass database.


If you use KeePassXC for your secrets …

  • You will never have to remember a password again apart from your KeePass

    database password;

  • Never have to use the same password twice or more for different accounts,

    websites etc. since you don’t need to remember them anymore;

  • Automatically create and use very strong passwords which are impossible to

    guess and are very hard to break, even for government agencies;

  • As single encrypted file the database can be stored and synced

    across all your devices and stored on unencrypted drives or third-party cloud storage.

  • You might also give a copy to a friend or family member for safekeeping,

    as they can’t access it without the pass-phrase.

Besides running on our Ubuntu Desktop, the KeePass database format can be read by applications running on the following platforms:

  • All Linux and UNIX systems

  • Mac OSX

  • Windows

  • Android

  • Windows Phones

  • Windows Mobile

  • Blackberry

  • Mobile Phones (running Java Mobile Edition, e.g, Symbian)

  • iPhone and iPad

  • Chrome OS

  • Palm OS


To get the latest available version the following PPA (Personal Package Archive) can to be added first:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:phoerious/keepassxc
sudo apt update

After that …

Install keepassxc

Install keepassxc from the Ubuntu Software Center

or with the command-line:

$ sudo apt install keepassxc