Software Installation

Ubuntu dekstop clients and servers have Uncomplicated Firewall (UFW) already installed, but not enabled by default.

Firewall Configuration

$ sudo ufw allow ssh/tcp
$ sudo ufw logging on


By default UFW logs everything in the systems log as kernels messages to /var/log/kern.log. To redirect those messages to a separate log file, open the log configuration file /etc/rsyslog.d/20-ufw.conf and make sure the following lines are not commented out:

# Log kernel generated UFW log messages to file
:msg,contains,"[UFW " /var/log/ufw.log

# Uncomment the following to stop logging anything that matches the last rule.
# Doing this will stop logging kernel generated UFW log messages to the file
# normally containing kern.* messages (eg, /var/log/kern.log)
& stop

After that the system logging facility needs to be restarted:

$ sudo systemctl restart rsyslog.service


There is currently no way I know of, to keep the Firewall messages out of the systemd journal.

Enabling UFW

$ sudo ufw enable
$ sudo ufw status


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